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The 5-Point Program is a no cost implementation program guaranteed to generate savings for Bishop Enterprises' customers. The program includes:
  1. Transportation Analysis & Baseline Costs: A 90 day sample of your transportation invoices determines the Customer Baseline Cost (CBC). This data output, including mode, service type and geography, is stored in our data archive for comparative analysis.
  2. Savings Projections: Using the CBC, we project transportation savings based on our extensive experience and our volume. If we cannot project a savings, then the 5-Point Program discontinues and you receive the Transportation Analysis at no cost.
  3. Organizational & Operational Analysis: Bishop Enterprises will analyze your organizational & operational structure in order to fully understand your company’s needs as they relate to transportation, distribution and logistics.
  4. Collaborative Online Request For Proposal (RFP): Featuring the combined output of points 1 and 3, the RFP is an online process that enables transportation providers to review your requirements and then submit a proposal. By hosting the RFP online, you are able to view the status through the ease of the Internet.
  5. Comprehensive Routing Program: After selecting transportation providers based on criteria established by you, Bishop Enterprises implements the comprehensive Routing Program.
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